I started Gaianca.com because I believe we are all in this together and we all play an important role on this planet, both in hurting our Earth and becoming conscious in living in harmony with the environment. 

I have become really interested in the current system and how we can individually and collectively improve the situation, so I started taking small steps for myself. But I felt I could do more. 

Even though I don’t believe we can be “perfect”, I know that by being informed we can make better, conscious decisions when it comes to our actions. 

Simply recycling or choosing to walk instead of driving will not solve the problems we are facing, but we need to understand that each decision matters. It matters when we buy products from companies that increase the problems by financing them with our own money, it matters if we buy a coffee in a non-reusable cup each day and it matters what we live behind to our future generations. 

So I decided to write about sustainability, resilience and climate change, the smaller and bigger issues and solutions. I have been using my skills for many years to write on various topics, in media, advertising and marketing. Now, I choose to write for you and I, to do research and share more information, so we can all make informed and conscious decisions.   

Anca Muraru, Sustainability Journalist