One-stop platforms for green beauty & skincare products

One-stop platforms for green beauty & skincare products

Beauty and skincare products are part of our daily routines: we wash our hands, our faces, our bodies and our hair, we use creams to moisturize our skin and we wear makeup to reflect the part of our personality that we want. 

These products are in contact with our bodies all the time and some are being absorbed through our pores. Therefore, we’ve become more interested in the ingredients that are being used in these products and we want to know more about what we actually put on our skin. Moreover, transparency is more in demand when it comes to how these products are manufactured and transported, as well as how the people involved in the process are treated. 

But with so many products on the market it can get frustrating to look for some alternatives. And sometimes we simply go back to the familiar ones. 

In order to help you in this process and support businesses that invest in the wellbeing of people and the planet, I’ve created this list of companies that create or facilitate green beauty and skincare products. 



Acala is an online store that offers natural health and beauty products with special care for the packaging – from refills and plastic free to zero waste packaging. They offer a wide range of products for your face, body, teeth, hair or menstrual needs.   

Their goal is to “make buying consciously as easy and as accessible to all” and to empower people with knowledge of sustainable alternatives. 

They also took the carbon footprint seriously and support CO2 reduction projects, a cause they invite all of us to join –  every new subscription customer spending over $‌42.00 a month will have carbon positive orders.  

Their story: 
Hanna Pumfrey, a 30-year-old marketing professional who is passionate about the environment, founded Acala from the desire to make conscious consumption simple and accessible to all. 

She became interested in sustainability while working and living in London, where she noticed how much rubbish people were producing while living their busy lives. Acala came as a solution for people who want to become more conscious about the products they use and the environment, without having to make big lifestyle changes.

green beauty & skincare products - Instagram Acala
Instagram Acala

Credo Beauty 

Credo Beauty is a one-stop online platform that offers various personal care products from toners and exfoliants to fragrances and makeup. They say their mission is “to change the way people think about ingredients and products they put on their bodies.” And that they want to “create a safer, more sustainable, more ethical beauty industry” that they call Clean Beauty.

What I also like about them is their recycling program where you can earn points for recycling empty items. They take into consideration what happens after you finish using the product and encourage people to think twice about the topic.  

One-stop platforms for green beauty & skincare products - Credo Beauty Instgram
Instagram Credo Beauty

The Detox Market 

The Detox Market offers a wide range of products for health and beauty, including skincare, body & hair products, supplements and essential oils. Their mission is to “empower anyone and everyone to let go of the toxic products, environments and people in their lives through self care rituals throughout their day”. 

They also have an extended banned ingredients list that none of their curated products should have. 

Their story:
Romain Gaillard, the founder of The Detox Market, decided to start this venture as a safe and welcoming platform after finding out about the toxicity in the products we use daily from a friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer.  

One-stop platforms for green beauty & skincare products - Instagram The Detox Market
Instagram Credo Beauty


Is an all-natural marketplace with an all-black community of artisans who create toxic-free, plant-based, and cruelty-free products. 

They also offer a list of ingredients they don’t accept within the products they offer. 

Their story:
The founder of BLK+GRN, Dr. Kristian, combined the things in which she believes into this one-stop platform: a life free of toxins and connecting black women to the resources they need to live a happier life. She says that their marketplace “connects Black people with natural lifestyles to high-quality, toxic-free brands that share in our mission of health, wellness and community cultivation”.  

One-stop platforms for green beauty & skincare products - BLk + GRN Instagram
Instagram Credo Beauty

Love Goodly 

Love Goodly offers you a way to discover new clean, organic and vegan products through a monthly-based subscription service where you receive 4-5  beauty and skincare products, as well as an occasional eco style accessory, wellness product or a healthy snack.

If you only want a certain product, you can also purchase it separately from their shop. 

They only ship in the US and Canada. 

If you know of other one-stop shops or marketplaces for green vegan, natural, cruelty-free skincare products that should be on the list, let us know.

 Love Goodly Instagram
Instagram Credo Beauty

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