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Revetas Commits to Carbon Neutrality by 2040

This initiative starts with a “Think Zero” mindset in the firm’s investment process and across the businesses, followed by the implementation of the defined “Net Zero” roadmap with the ultimate goal of minimizing emissions in the workplaces, properties, travel and supply chains, all in a transparent manner with regular reports on the progress of each asset and across the portfolio.  

Revetas is commited to accomplish this goal with the help of a global sustainability leader by creating a clear roadmap  to decarbonization.

This roadmap is divided into 4 main stages:

– clarifying and defining firm’s strategy
– creating a portfolio-wide picture by gathering information from each asset
– in-depth audit of all assets including the  identification of areas for further improvement and definition of individual roadmaps to achieve the targets
– the final phase – implementing the action plan and monitoring the performance of the assets going  forward 

The Revetas Group has already selected an ESG Committee that will supervise the achievements of ESG goals throughout the Group and is signatory to the UN PRI, the world’s largest voluntary corporate sustainability initiative.

Revetas emphasizes the importance of ESG matters becoming an integral part of the firm’s DNA and is pleased to see that this is already evident through the constant implementation of various innovative ESG  solutions across the Group.  

“Addressing climate change in our industry is critical  given over 40% of the annual greenhouse gas emissions across the globe come from the real estate industry. It is time  for each major player in real estate to take leadership on the matter and Revetas Capital has taken a very serious  commitment towards EGS policies, with carbon neutrality as the core of our investment strategy for the future. Real  estate is no longer about brick and mortar, but the impact in our society and giving back to our communities”. 

Eric Assimakopoulos, Founding Partner at Revetas


Revetas is a pan-European real estate investment advisor pursuing a thematic approach focused on value-add investments that may be entangled in special situations.  

The firm’s leadership has been operating in Europe for the past 25 years and Revetas has been a leader in Central European real estate for over a decade. The team has successfully navigated multiple economic and investment cycles and has built Revetas into a fully integrated real estate platform covering investment, asset, development and property  management.  

Revetas serves a global base of institutional investors, endowment funds, pension funds, asset managers, family offices  and ultra-high-net-worth individuals with a view of delivering superior, risk-adjusted returns. Full alignment with  investors, coupled with a strong focus on sustainability, is at the core of the firm’s success. 

Revetas was founded in 2012 and is led by Managing Partner Eric Assimakopoulos. The business operates from London,  Vienna and Luxembourg. 

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